EPSON PhotoQuicker


Epson PhotoQuicker is a program that enables users to manage, layout, and print their digital photographs in their computer. This program is included in the program installer CD of several printer devices manufactured by Epson. Epson PhotoQuicker provides tools that allow users to organize the digital photos in their hard drive, manipulate and enhance the appearance of photos, and then print them using a connected printing device. With Epson PhotoQuicker, users can print from one up to 80 photos in a single page. The program provides features that allow users to print different photos, or a group of similar photos in different sizes.

Epson PhotoQuicker contains various photo manipulation features such as red eye reduction, and an image framer, which adds a frame to the user’s photo. The program offers different frame designs of various colors, sizes, and themes. Another feature of Epson PhotoQuicker allows users to print their photos with borders or edge-to-edge. In addition, this program has tools used to add captions and titles to photos. Epson PhotoQuicker features a simple user interface designed as a 4-step wizard. The first window allows users to locate and select photos from the program menu, or from folders in their hard drive. After selecting photos, the program will take the user to the photo-editing panel where photos can be enhanced. This section contains tools such as red eye reduction, brightness adjustment, and digital camera correction. After editing the photos, the program will proceed to a panel where users can select the layout of the photos, and choose a paper size of printing. Users can also configure the resolution and set the number of copies to be printed in this section.