EPSON File Manager


Epson File Manager is a program that enables users to manage their image files. This program is used to view, edit, and organize photos and other image files from the user’s local folders or from various image-capturing devices such as scanners, copiers, and fax machines. Epson File Manager allows users to scan images, save images to the computer’s hard drive or external storage device, display the images in a window, and upload them in a photo-sharing website, or through an email platform. This program also allows users to attach image files into email messages or open them in an image-editing application such as Adobe Photoshop. In addition to these, Epson File Manager is capable of preparing image files for printing. Users may select the layout, customize the margins, select the paper size, as well as the orientation. Epson File Manager can also be used to browse through image thumbnails, search for specific images in the computer’s hard disk, and view images in a slideshow. Epson File Manager can be acquired free of charge in some installer discs for Epson image capturing products.

Epson File Manager features a simple user interface that has four main parts. The first part contains the main control buttons that execute actions within the program. This section contains buttons used to copy images to fax, access the copy center, and attach files to email. The next part is the file browser found on the left side of the program window. This section allows users to locate image files in their local folders and from external storage devices. Beside this area, users may find the image display section where they can preview the thumbnails of imported images files. The last part contains the viewing tools and other advanced control buttons. This section contains buttons used to zoom in and out of a photo, initiate slideshow view, and change the image view layout.