EPSON Easy Photo Print 2.40.00

Seiko Epson Corporation (Freeware)

EPSON Easy Photo Print is a software that enables a user to design layout and print digital images on different types of paper.  It allows for easy customization of application settings and quick printing of images.

The application also display’s one’s folders and files, used devices and system directory tree. Clicking on folders and files allows its image content to be display on the main window of the computer screen. Aside from the image layout, its quality and size can also be customized.  The Image Correct button allows adjustments to be done on the image while maintaining the integrity of the original photo file.  Such adjustments can be done through Photo Enhance features in the form of changing the image’s color, controlling brightness, or choosing the fix Red-Eye option. Images can also be altered to black and white or printed in vivid colors.  Adding dates and comments can also be applied to images. Changes done to the image can be easily seen through the preview option.  Printer settings can also be specified as in the case of printing more than one image on a single sheet of paper.  The application supports RAW, BMP, JPEG, PIC, and TIFF images.