EPSON Attach To Email


EPSON Attach to Email is an application that assists in sending files to emails as attachments. Instead of opening up an email service first before attaching a file, the program allows selecting the file first, and then opening the email with the file already attached to it. These files can be documents and images. When pictures are selected to be attached, the software has a selection of preferred image size (small, medium, large).

Moreover, the number of files attached are displayed. It also displays the estimated time it will take to attach the files. Additionally, the software supports a number of email services. Among them are Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail. The email service can be selected through the dropdown menu. Just click on the dropdown menu and it will display the various email services the program supports. After attaching the document, it can now be delivered to a specified email address through the email service where it was sent.

EPSON Attach to Email has a basic user interface reminiscent of Windows XP dialog boxes. The basic menu at the top has options for File, E-mail, and Help. The Help tab can be accessed to find solutions when having difficulty. It is bundled with the EPSON Creative Suite package.