EPSITEC Speedy Eggbert

EPSITEC SA (Shareware)

Speedy Eggbert was formerly called Speedy Blupi, a PC action adventure and puzzle game for Windows developed by EPSITEC. It was later re-released by eGames using its current name.

The gameplay focuses on the adventures of a three-dimensional yellow egg-like creature named Blupi. The setting is a two-dimensional place that is full of eggs and mysterious treasure chests. Blupi needs to embark on an expedition that requires him to undertake 60 missions through 40 levels found in seven different worlds. Blupi, also known as Eggbert, begins by going to the training level for mastering moves like swimming, skateboarding, driving a car, flying a helicopter, and many more. As he goes through each level, he must collect all the eggs and treasure chests he can get before the time is up. He will also need to tackle enemies by firing glue balls at them.

Throughout the levels there are block puzzles that need solving with the use of deductive reasoning. Solving them incorrectly prevents the player from finishing the level. Block puzzles are any objects (like crates, boulders, boxes, or cubes) that block the path of the player. The player cannot climb over them or destroy them. Players have to pull and push the blocks around the area until they reach a door or a slot. Blocks may be used to build a bridge or wall.