ePrompter 2.0

Tiburon Technology, Inc. (Shareware)

ePrompter is an email notification tool, which assists the user with checking emails. It notifies the user if there are new emails on the user's accounts, and assists in composing and sending responses to the emails. The program can support sixteen email addresses simultaneously, making it useful for those handling multiple email accounts. This application works with hundreds of email domains, including Lycos, Hotmail, and Gmail. It finds out how many messages are delivered to the user's inboxes.

ePrompter has a main window, a tray icon, and screensavers. All of these utilities let the user know the number of new messages in each of his accounts. All these messages can be read fully, even when the user is offline. The program can be configured to retrieve emails automatically once the computer is connected to the Internet and archive these for offline reading. The user can also click on the notification when it pops up, and the application will open the message from the user's email account. This program allows a user to compose emails even while in offline mode. The emails will be sent once Internet connection is detected.

The program can also be configured to retrieve emails at timed intervals.