e/pop Professional

WiredRed Software (Shareware)

e/pop Professional is a communications package that provides users with an efficient and secure system of doing business communications. It has a comprehensive set of tools that allow for directory integration, videoconferencing, file sharing, instant messaging, and long-distance business networking. This program package is made up of the following components:

• server – the server is installed behind the user’s firewall and makes sure that video conferences are conducted without lags or gaps in conversation
• browser-connecting application – this application enables users to manage their servers and the communications services provided
• connection utility – this application enables users to connect with other users and upload files and presentations. Through this tool, users will be able to view and listen to the conference

e/pop Professional allows managers or moderators to set access levels for users in their network. Presenters may use the whiteboard for notes, and also upload files and presentations. Users in the participant level may view the conference and the items on the whiteboard but are not permitted to change the information there. As participants, however, they do not have to have any other program installed in order to view the conference. They only need to access the conference through a URL provided by the host or conference moderator.