Episode 204 - Chariots of the Dogs

Telltale Games (Proprietary)

Sam & Max Episode 204: Chariots of the Dogs is a chapter in the video game “Sam & Max Season Two.” In this episode, the main characters and Flint, an investigator, collaborate to find out the reasons behind the mysterious and sudden disappearance of Bosco, a shop owner in Sam’s town. However, certain events force the characters to go to outer space, find and save Bosco, and ultimately save the universe.

As a computer game, most of the actions that can be performed in this game can be done using the PC’s mouse. To interact with the in-game environment, the player only needs to hover on items and click. This game features a variety of puzzles. They must all be solved to advance the game’s main story. Hints are available, allowing the player to find out how puzzles can be solved and how enemies can be defeated. This episode is the only one in the series where there are scenes involving car chases. There are a number of main tasks that the player needs to accomplish to attain the objectives necessary to finishing the game. These involve finding out where Bosco is, traveling to space, and confronting pirates and other obstacles to saving the universe.