Episode 202 - Moai Better Blues

Telltale Games (Proprietary)

Sam & Max Episode 202: Moai Better Blues is a portion  of the video game entitled “Sam & Max Season Two.” In this game, the two characters have finally arrived home. Soon after, a mysterious vortex chases and engulfs Sybil, a friend, of the duo. Max and Sam go through the vortex themselves to save Sybil. The vortex transports the characters to Easter Island, where a volcano’s impending eruption is threatening to destroy the entire area.

In this episode of Sam and Max, the player uses the mouse to interact with the in-game environment. When a hotspot is found, the mouse can be clicked to interact with that hotspot. There are many puzzles in the game. All of these can be solved by using the in-game objects or performing certain actions. A new feature in this game is the hint system. In this way, clues can be found to assist in solving the puzzles and overcoming obstacles. To rescue Sybil and Easter Island, the player must accomplish a number of tasks. Among these tasks are the exploration of the island and the discovery of the Fountain of Youth, in addition to eliminating hundreds of enemies found all throughout the game.