EpiData 3.1 3.1 (32-bit)

The EpiData Association (Freeware)

EpiData is a suite that consists of applications for data entry and management. It is mainly used for managing large amounts of information. The two applications that come with the application are:

• EpiData Entry – This application is used for simple data collection and documentation. It consists of simple tools, as well as an advanced error detection tool to prevent mistakes.
• EpiData Analysis – This application consists of different tools for analyzing information. Users can view graphs, statistics, and an overall analysis of data.

The application supports data in regular formats, such as rec, csv, and dbf. Reports can be produced in the HTML format. The program’s interface is clean and simple. It has menu bars that are located on the upper portion of the window including File, Goto, Filter, Window, and Help. For Data Analysis, users can navigate through different views from the upper portion of the window. Some of the choices include Read Data, Browse Data, Graphs, Analysis, Viewer, and Editor.

Other features of the EpiData application are the following:

• Capable of recognizing errors, such as double entries
• Has detailed descriptive statistics for analyzing data
• Handles related systems and simple forms
• Consists descriptions and visualization of data
• Support for defining values that are missing