Hidden Reflex (Freeware)

Epic is an Internet browser that is primarily targeted to Indian Internet users. It has a variety of widgets that are installed such as social networking and email. It also has a browser-based Anti-virus. Some of Epic's main features are the following:

• Live Indian TV Channels – Indian TV channels can be watched straight from the browser. Additionally, featured news is tailored to specific Indian regions.
• Antivirus - The browser immediately blocks malicious Internet websites. This prevents the computer from being hacked.
• Video - A video widget enables watching of YouTube through the browser's side bar. There is also a download link for YouTube videos.
• Wallpaper - The browser can be personalized through a selection of themes and wallpapers that can be installed.
• Indian Language - The browser is capable of displaying around 13 Indian languages. Furthermore, writing in any of the 13+ languages is also possible.
• Sidebar Widgets - Widgets can be installed on the browser's sidebar. These widgets can be anything from Social Networking sites to video channels. It also has apps specific for this browser, such as a light word processor. There are around 1500 apps that can be installed.
• Firefox Plugins - Epic browser is based on Firefox, a popular web browser from. Because of that, plugins and extensions available to Firefox are also supported in this browser.