Epi Report

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Freeware)

Epi Report is an Epi Info module that is used to design and generate analytical output reports. These reports can contain system variables and graphics. It uses .xml files to generate reports. All generated Epi Reports will have a file extension of .ept.

Epi Report has a simple workspace that looks like that of a standard word processor. It has three main interface sections: the navigation bar, Designer workspace, and the Elements Command Tree. The main navigation bar contains different menus and toolbars. The toolbars offers several options for font changes, table sizing, vertical spacing, and report generation. The Designer workspace is where the user creates and formats Epi Reports. It allows users to display report elements such as record lists, aggregate data, the analysis of .xml files, and more.

The Elements Command Tree provides several menu options for adding data elements, graphics and text. Any data added to the Elements Tree can be used in a report. This section is divided into four element types:

• Insert Report Object – it includes the Table Shell (for creating empty tables), Image, Anchor (for inserting HTML anchor tags) and Label elements. Image and Label allow the user to create and place text and graphics in their workspace.
• Drawing Tools – it has a line tool which can be used to insert lines that are treated as graphics. These lines can be customized in different colors, styles, and widths.
• Insert Variable – it includes the Permanent and System elements used to insert date and time data in the report.