Epi Map

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Freeware)

Epi Map is a module included in Epi Info, a statistical software for epidemiologic analysis and research. It is built using Esri MapObjects software. It displays shapefiles, a geospatial vector data format for GIS software, containing data results from the Epi Info’s Analysis module. It can create choropleth, point and case-based maps. These maps can be saved as bitmap (.BMP) image files which can be used for documents and presentations or as map (.MAP) files for later use.

Epi Map has two main interfaces, which are the Map manager and the Properties dialog box. These are incorporated in the program’s main map workspace. Users can produce different types of maps by opening the Map Manager. A choropleth map is a color-coded map used to indicate data changes and classify features into ranges and quantiles. A case-based map displays or legends that denotes levels of classification. A  point map uses a map file and a dataset with X and Y axes that can be used to illustrate locations. The Properties dialog box simply allows users to modify their created maps. To do this, a user must open the Map Manager and select a layer. Users can add standard labels from the associated data to their map files. Users can add advanced labels that are used to classify and fix overlapping labels.