Epi Info 7.1.2

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Freeware)

Epi Info is a reliable public domain statistical software for epidemiologic analysis and research. It is intended for nurses, doctors and other medical staff to easily collect data. It allows users to perform statistical analyses, case control studies and regression analysis.

The software allows users to create electronic surveys such as questionnaires and data entry forms. These questionnaires are produced by using the software’s Form Designer module. This module provides users control over their form’s function and design.

It includes a Classic Analysis module that is primarily used for analyzing user data. It has import and export functions that allow file format conversions. It has advanced statistical procedures such as nonparametric statistics, ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), logistic regression (conditional and unconditional) and so on. It also includes a Visual Dashboard module that is also used for analyzing data but does not contain all data management and statistical commands found in the Classic Analysis module. The program has a Map module that is used to display geographic reference or GPS coordinates. It can identify trends and display data point relationships. It features a Report module that is used for modifying and formatting output from the software tools and modules. It has a menu module that allows users to restructure the software’s menu. This allows users to build their own applications and scripts.