iNeta d.o.o. (Proprietary)

ePhotoLab is a photo printing service pack developed by iNeta. The program has two variations—Client and Server. The ePhotoLab Client package is downloaded and installed by the consumers or users. The Server package is the one installed by printing shops. The consumers can send images and photos for printing using the program, while the business owners receive the print orders through the ePhotoLab Server. Now, they just have the print the photos and send the same to the clients through regular package delivery.

ePhotoLab client features some configuration options. Users can add photos for printing via drag and drop method, or through the browse button. The program supports several file formats including JPEG, PSD, GIF, TIF, and BMP, among others. Users can set the photo size, as well as crop the images according to the desired dimensions. The program provides options to input the number of copies per photo, as well as photo paper type.  The program also offers some image editing options including red-eye correction, cut-outs, and image effects. Users may also add the Capture date for embossing on the image. The program also features tick boxes for options to print index copy of all images sent for printing. Users may likewise order scanned copies of the images printed burned in a CD or DVD disc media. The program also offers Order tracking support.