IDMH (Proprietary)

EPANET 2.0 is a modeling software package developed by the Water Supply and Water Resources Division of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It is made especially for modeling water distribution systems. The program is capable of simulating water and hydraulics behavior inside pressurized pipes within an extended period of time.  This allows them to study water movement and distribution among the constituents in a given location.

EPANET 2.0 features an integrated network of water quality simulations, hydraulic simulations, and analysis tools. The simulation tool enables users to mimic water behavior while varying several parameters like speed pump types, water demand, head losses due to fittings and pipe bends, and variable pressure. The program enables users to monitor water flow, water pressure, the concentration of chlorine, water age, and contaminant propagation, among others. The program also features a water quality modeling function. This function enables users to monitor any tracer material placed in the water and study how it spreads throughout the pipe network. The EPANET 2.0 visual network editor tool enables users to build the pipe networks and edit hydraulic properties before running the simulation.

EPANET 2.0 is available as an open source tool kit and as a standalone program. Some third party programs utilize the EPANET 2.0 computational engine, particularly those that are GIS-centric. EPANET 2.0 utilizes the INP file format commonly used by industry modeling software, making it the industry standard.