EOS Camera Movie Record 0.3.2 beta

Aleksey Chernov (Open Source)

EOS Camera Movie Record is an application used for creating movies using any Canon DSLR camera with a LiveView utility. The software can create short movies by first connecting the Canon camera to the computer. Through the camera's LiveView utility, the user can preview the movie being created. Also, the LiveView function allows the computer to capture what is being captured on the camera screen. In this way, the user can see the final video before it is actually created. After the video has been created, it can be played on popular applications such as Windows Media Player. The videos can also be transferred and played on various devices, like the iPhone and the iPad.  

EOS Camera Movie Record has the ability to start when the camera is connected to the computer. In the software's interface, the user can see the actual frames per second. The frames are the video stills at any given second. Some properties of the video can be configured through the functions and utilities that are all located at the top of the program's interface. The program gives the user control over shutter speed, aperture, and white balance. In addition, it can zoom in and out and also adjust the video’s focus.