Eolsoft Winmail Opener 1.5

Eolsoft (Freeware)

Winmail Opener by software company, Eolsoft, is a small application that allows users to open emails in winmail.dat format.  Some email clients do not support this type of email, hence, cannot open them.  This program provides the solution to address this inconvenience.

Rich-text messages and attachments can be extracted using Winmail Opener.  With its familiar interface and drag-and-drop capabilities, users will find the program easy to use.  All users have to do is drag and drop the problematic files into Winmail Opener, and the program will extract its contents.  Also, documents opened using this email tool can be saved to another location by, likewise, simply dragging and dropping.  In addition, the “Save All” command allows for saving all messages and attachments to a specified folder.

The Winmail Opener window is easy to use, with its main space displaying the email message and a right bar displaying the attachments.  The menu bar has “File”, “Options”, and “Help” tabs which users will find handy and convenient.  

Furthermore, the program can handle hyperlinks for both file directories and URLs, allowing users to launch the Web browser or open files by simply clicking on the link.

Those who are in constant correspondence with someone who sends winmail.dat emails will find this program convenient to have.