Eolsoft Flash Movie Player

Eolsoft (Freeware)

Eolsoft Flash Movie Player is a stand-alone media player for ShockWave Flash, or SWF, files. This program is capable of rewinding SWF animations, movies, and even Flash games. It also offers a pause mode that allows users to temporarily stop the SWF files. Flash Movie Player can also launch .exe projector files and make this type of file work the same way as SWF files. Extracting flash files from supported exe projector files then saving them as SWF files is also possible. The program can also be used to create snapshots of animation’s frame then save them as photos in either BMP or JPEG formats.

Eolsoft Flash Movie Player features a Movie Clip Area that shows the current file being played. A Seek Bar is also available that displays the current animation clip position. Changing the movie position by dragging the program’s slider is possible. The application also offers a Playlist Editor, which can be right aligned, left aligned or floating. Opening flash animation files from the web can also be done. Full Screen mode is available as well. There is also an option to change the quality of the movie display. Available commands for this include Low, Medium, and High. The application also features configuration options for changing the movie scale including Show All, Exact Fit, No Border, or No Scale.