Environment Manager Console

AppSense (Shareware)

Environment Manager Console is a user-profile management utility that is designed to handle complex deployments. This product is an improvement on the earlier version in terms of personalization and policy and boasts of many upgraded features. Environment Manager Console from AppSense is capable of faster delivery and is characterized by new functions.

This utility is better at delivering client requirements and is even more simplified in its implementation. The controls are more flexible and the approach is to focus on personalization since the enhancements are mostly directed to this function. With advanced personalization features, users gain the following benefits:

• Personalization management is given wholly to the user using the personal configuration wizard
• Increases user productivity’
• IT costs reduction
• Implementation requires only a few clicks
• Templates provided for Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010

With the new features of Environment Manager Console, users are assured of better outcomes with less complex operations. Environment Manager Console has one more important feature and this one concerns offline mode. The latest enhancements allow the user to decide whether the offline mode is applied or not applied for a personalization group. Users now also receive settings consistently from just one server, which removes the need for replication of data across different databases.