Enterprise Reporter

SAS Institute Inc. (Proprietary)

Enterprise Reporter is a report generator developed by SAS Institute Inc. This program is found in numerous information and reporting programs released by the developer. This application makes report generation faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive than without using the program. Once installed, it is an option integrated on other SAS programs and is significant for individuals requiring ad hoc reporting.

Creating a comprehensive and easy to understand report is easy by employing this program’s assistance. It comes with numerous graphical representations that suit every report needed to be delivered for the company. Users can create graphs and tables with ease through ER. Aside from creating graphs and tables, it also lets users set their logos, configure headers and footers, and other elements necessary for impressive reports. It also includes a remarkable cover page that works in introducing reports.

The program also comes with a simple to navigate and integrate interface. It is a great option for companies wanting to promote efficiency when it comes to reporting. It will generate reports immediately and with information the report demands. Enterprise Reporter is a fully-integrated program with other SAS solutions. The company releases numerous information management programs and this software is compatible with them. Aside from the program’s quality, it is also designed to suit enterprises’ requirements, which means it is fully scalable that grows with every company’s needs.