Enterprise Architect 9 v9

Sparx Systems Pty Ltd (Shareware)

Enterprise Architect 9 is a business management software suite which is a complete software package that enables users to manage their team and track project development. It features tools for tracking milestones, resources, and work allocations and Learning and Modeling Centers. It also provides Test and Analysis tools, as well as Productivity Tools.

Enterprise Architect 9 features a Project Calendar facility to manage event milestones and Gantt charts to manage resources. A Personal Information manager is included to keep track of work allocations. The program also has a Gap Analysis matrix. The Hand Drawn mode functions like a mind-mapping tool. It enables users to create diagrams using hand drawn lines and shapes. It features modeling languages including BPMN 2.0 for collaboration, conversation, and choreography diagrams, SOMF 2.1 for making cloud computations, and SysML 1.2, among others.

Enterprise Architect 9 includes Productivity tools and Testing and Analysis tools as well as a Document Template Editor that enables users to create report templates. Test Cuts and Test Points enable users to record test sets and make definitions for pre-conditions, post-conditions, and invariants. Model Simulation enables users to preview the behavior of diagrams. The program also has a visual execution analyzer that assists in recording, profiling, and debugging.