Enter the Matrix

Shiny Entertainment (Proprietary)

Enter the Matrix is a video game based on The Matrix Trilogy directed by the Wachowski brothers. In the game, players take control over two characters, namely Niobe and Ghost, who are in the same group as the trilogy’s protagonists Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus. The events in the game take place with the storyline of The Matrix: Reloaded film.

A set of objectives must be accomplished in each game level. Most of the levels are played in a third-person perspective. Players utilize fighting skills and weapons in facing opponents, as well as activate Bullet Time, or Focus as it is called in the game. Focus lets players move at a normal speed while everything else slows down. This allows players to dodge bullets, run faster, and also shoot in midair. In addition to these features, the game also offers the following:

• A Matrix hacking system in which players can enter codes to unlock character skills, game secrets, and special weapons
• Realistic scenes and character movements when fighting opponents
• A guide in the person of the Oracle who gives tips and advice in accomplishing game objectives

For the game, the directors filmed original footage starring the trilogy cast. The exclusive footage had a total of sixty minutes’ running time.