CambridgeSoft (Proprietary)

ENotebook is a program suite designed for use in the field of science, particularly in biology and chemistry. It is an electronic laboratory notebook that provides scientists with tools that enable them to do their work, such as plotting chemical reactions, examining spectral data, and making notes on experiments. It comes with a comprehensive set of features that enable users to organize information, manage projects and experiments, make lab notes, and incorporate data from other applications such as Microsoft Excel.

The program suite includes ChemDraw, ChemFinder, Chem3D, and ChemIndex databases. These applications are packed with features for scientists to use, such as the Audit Trail. This feature provides users with the ability to retain a copy of all experiments saved. This application may be used by multiple users, and it may also combine the notebooks of all users in a team, allowing them to organize and collaborate on projects.

With ENotebook, scientists can search their collected data for any information they may need. This eliminates the need for paper files, which may be lost or damaged. The data saved in the application can be organized according to different purposes, such as a lecture, and exported to an external drive for presentation. It is an ideal tool for planning, managing, and protecting data.