Readers Digest (Proprietary)

English20 is an interactive language learning software designed to allow users to develop their English speaking skills. The 20 on English20 pertains to the expected 20 minutes duration of study that must be allotted on a daily basis to complete the program. It has two levels with each level containing 180 20-minute lessons. One of the unique and major features of this program is its use of a number of scenes from favorite movies as the main practice sessions for the student. Its vocabulary and grammar lessons have been confirmed to meet the gold standard in foreign language learning.

English20 lets the student take part on a role in the movie. This is an effort to keep the program engaging and motivating for the student. Taking a role also allows the student to practice real-life dialogue in English compared to just reciting a couple of phrases or sentences without a context. This practice is expected to build the confidence to make use of the English language on business and social settings. It utilizes a speech recognition technology, which detects the student’s voice and allows for instant and unlimited feedback on pronunciation.

Other features of this program include the following:

• Personal dictionary for choosing the vocabulary and customizing words to learn
• Pronunciation partner for improving accents from different languages
• Progress tracker for monitoring the results for each lesson conducted
• Study tools that consist of flash cards and other helpful tools for improved learning