English Study Pro 1.0

phamthuynhan PRODUCTIONS (Proprietary)

Created under the company called phamthuynhan PRODUCTIONS, the English Study Pro 1.0 program is an educational software geared towards users that are Vietnamese. The program has been at the receiving end of numerous product awards and carries full language support for users that speak in the Vietnamese tongue.

The primary purpose of the English Study Pro 1.0 program is to assist users by teaching basic English; from basic grammar, spelling, and structure, to conversational usage. The interface is interactive making things easier on the part of the user. Apart from the simple interface, the program also applies several functions that make learning the English language simpler on the part of the student. There are plenty of tools and more than sufficient data stores that provide for a highly reliable digital learning environment.

There are different features that can be utilized by those who rely on this software including dictionary access and grammar lessons. Apart from these, lessons come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels fostering a better avenue of learning. There is also a library tool that users can depend on for reading practice. Vocabulary aiding tools, tests, and games are also available. Other advantageous applications that come with this program include:

• Writing Aid
• Conversational Aid
• Listening Aid