InterSOFT Company (Shareware)

ENGLISH STUDY 4.0 is a program intended for the use of English learners. The aim of this tool is to help learners in improving their English communication skills (written and verbal). This utility has a comprehensive coverage that includes vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, as well as reading and writing lessons and exercises.

What follows is a list of some of the main components of ENGLISH STUDY 4.0:

• Say it Naturally
• Vocabulary Study
• Reading Practice
• Writing Assistant
• Crossword Game

ENGLISH STUDY 4.0 features a primer on English grammar called “ABC Grammar” as well as a more in-depth, advanced discussion in “Grammar in Use.” Communications guidelines, memory tests, and other entertaining exercises are also included. A table is provided for the more difficult irregular verbs to help the user.

The dictionary of ENGLISH STUDY 4.0 contains more than 90,000 English words with translation to Vietnamese. Synonyms and antonyms are provided, as well as a pronunciation guide. The terms are supplemented by illustrations for faster comprehension. This language learning program gives users a lot of helpful tools while they are in the process of mastering the English language. Users can learn how to write complete English sentences with the proper grammar and punctuation. This program is developed by InterSOFT Company.