English Grammar in Use


English Grammar in Use is an online English education tool developed by the Cambridge University Press. The software contains tutorials, reviews, quizzes, exams, and all of the content in the fourth edition of the book, English Grammar in Use written by Raymond Murphy.

English Grammar in Use online contains a clear layout that features accessible learning for all users. The software contains an arranged format with grammar points and explanations on each page. This includes exercises, quizzes, and challenges to test the comprehension of the user. The software also contains revised and updated examples of select words and sentences for quick learning. Each page in the software layout contains different exercises to improve user learning and understanding. Users can either turn on/off the answers to each exercise to facilitate self-study or classroom use.

English Grammar in Use also contains audio recordings. This allows non-English speaking users to adapt and learn the English language. Each audio recording is recorded for different learning modes. Users can learn at their own pace using different audio recording lessons. The software contains over 1,700 questions and challenges. A progress tracking feature also facilitates learning in all users. This allows them to review their lessons. Users can also focus on 16 grammar areas for practice. Each grammar area contains different levels of learning, challenges, and exercises.