Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

Splash Damage, Ltd. (Shareware)

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a video game program initially released on September 28, 2007. This first-person shooter game is created by Splash Damage, Ltd. and published by Activision. It offers two modes – Single player and Multiplayer. Its gameplay is similar to the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory game. However, it has added features including controllable aircrafts and vehicles, asymmetric teams, multiple AI deployables, computer-controlled bot opponents and larger maps.

The game is an aliens-vs.-humans game where aliens are called Strogg and Humans are called Earth Defense Force (EDF) or (GDF). Players have the option to battle as one of the available five classes in either the Strogg or EDF armies. More than 40 vehicles, defense systems and deployable structures are available in the game. Throughout each battle, players will have to establish their bases, position artillery, defense structures, advanced forward command systems and radars into their opponent’s territory while demolishing and constructing obstacles.

Both teams will have the same tools and weapons for completing their objectives. The game is focused on giving 1-2 main objectives simultaneously. New objectives will be displayed during the game for each class. Quake Wars also features fireteams, which group players for a more coordinated tactic. Fireteams can either be game generated or user created. The game also has an XP (experience points) rewards system, where players will be given corresponding points for each completed mission. Accumulated points can unlock new weapons and abilities. Experience points will be reset to zero after completing every campaign.