Enemy Engaged - Apache vs Havoc

Razorworks (Proprietary)

Enemy Engaged: Apache vs Havoc is a flight simulator developed by Razorworks and published by Empire Interactive. It features a war game setting and focuses on helicopter combat. Players are required to control either of two helicopter models: AH-64D Apache Longbow or Mil Mi-28 Havoc B. The game offers three campaigns to play and multiplayer deathmatches. Beginners and first-time players can start with free flights as it allows them to practice handling the aircraft before going into combat. Players can adjust certain realism settings such as ground effects, wind speed and movement, and retreating blade stall in order to fit the player’s skill level and preferences. Otherwise, the game offers three basic difficulty levels that affect campaigns and missions across the board.

Each of the three campaigns in Enemy Engaged: Apache vs Havoc is set in Cuba, Myanmar and Georgia, and Laos and Thailand. The campaign clock runs for only one and a half hours, but the time increases when a player completes a mission and it decreases when a mission falls through. The campaign ends as soon as the clock runs out of time and the team that is nearest to the mission’s goal wins the campaign. To make the