Guerillasoft (Freeware)

EncSpot is an audio application that allows users to check the information of their MP3 audio files. This program is useful for those who have a large audio library that they want to manage. The program can be used for checking the technical details of each audio file. The application has a simple and intuitive user interface, which can be navigated by both novice and advanced computer users. On the main window, a tree view of the computer’s contents is displayed on the left panel. This consists of locations in the computer including all the files and folders. When a folder is selected, its MP3 contents will be displayed as a list on the window.

The list of MP3 files consists of different information, such as the filename, encoder used for the file, bitrate, length of the file, size of the file, and the quality. More options for the program can be seen under the Settings window. Some of the settings that can be tweaked include general settings, quality, number of columns, and file types.

More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Does not clog up system resources
• Has a help file with topics on how to use the application
• Has settings so users can set program’s behavior according to their preference