2BrightSparks Pte Ltd (Freeware)

EncryptOnClick is simple software that allows users to encrypt and decrypt single files or all files in a folder. Encryption is a way by which users protect sensitive information like personal work and financial information. The method used is called 256-bit AES encryption, which encrypts and compresses the file, resulting to a smaller file output.

EncryptOnClick has an intuitive interface. One box allows the users to find the document and encrypt the files or documents, while the other one offers the same search functionality but is used for decryption. To use the software, users must click on the box and search the specific file through a file tree. Once the document is found, users will be asked to assign a password and re-enter it. The same procedure will be followed when the user needs to remove the encryption except that they will need to do it on the decryption box. To add to these, in case the user is decrypting a file saved on the temporary folder, the program will display a pop up message asking if the user would like to save the encrypted file on a different location.

Other features include the following:
• Portability. The software can be saved on a USD disk or floppy disk.
• Universality. The software is fully Unicode so it will work on all files, whatever language it is using.
• Compatibility. Files encrypted and compressed using this software can be decrypted and decompressed.