Passport Designs, Inc. (Shareware)

Encore is a musical score writing program developed by Passport Music Software and released on January 2011. The program enables users to transcribe their MIDI files into musical scores and music sheets. These can then be exported and printed out. The program also enables users to play directly and transcribe musical notes automatically. Encore features advanced musical transcription. When transcribing MIDI files, the program enables users to isolate instruments and the different parts in a musical piece. From there, the program can automatically transpose parts from one musical instrument to another. This enables users to play around with the composition to try new combinations. It is very useful for composers and musicians.

Encore user interface features graphical representations of the musical notes and marks. The program recognizes repeats, dynamic marks, and multiple endings. It likewise supports MIDI controller commands and pedal marks. These graphical representations can be further fine tuned by mouse control. Users can change notes and marks, to reflect the musical intent of the user. Text, graphics, and lyrics may likewise be added for a complete output.

Encore also features support for guitar users. The program outputs guitar tablatures, not just music sheets. The guitar tablatures already contain guitar fret diagrams, as well as correct fingering styles. This feature is also available from direct playing into the program.