Starbreeze Studios (Proprietary)

Enclave is a medieval fantasy video game set on the fictional world of Celenheim where light and darkness are about to start a war. The background story started 1000 years ago when the demon lord Vatar together with his armies almost destroyed Celenheim. Fearful that the demon lord will destroy the land, a good and high wizard by the name of Zale used his magic to prevent the evil forces from crossing Celenheim, saving the people and leaving the enemies far from their land. However, years passed and the evil forces are threatening to finally cross over the rift. With this, the players get into the game with the decision to either be one of the good guys and take the role of “Warrior of Light,” or work with the evil forces of Vatar and take the role of “Minion of Darkness.”

The major game characters are Alecto, the Head councilor of Mordessa, High Wizard Zale, Queen Aylindel, Princess Jasindra, Vatar (Great One,) and Zurana. On the light class, the player can choose to play the role of Knight, Huntress, Wizard, Druid, Engineer, Halfling, or 9320 Battle Droid. On the other hand, the Dark Side has characters as Berserker, Assassin, Sorceress, Lich, Bombardier, Goblin and Feticia. Each of these characters has unique capabilities, determined mainly by the equipment he or she handles.