Enchanted Cavern 1.0

WildTangent (Shareware)

Enchanted Cavern is a casual computer game in which the player has to match like-colored tiles on the screen. In this game, a legend has been told across generations of a magical place filled with gold, silver, and other precious treasures. This place is a cavern buried deep within the earth. The player explores the cavern’s many nooks and crannies to match the colored stones and advance to the next level.

In Enchanted Cavern, a grid full of different colored tiles is presented to the player. The objective of every level is to remove the tiles in the grid. To do this, the tiles are swapped with each other so that 3 similar tiles will be adjacent to each other. When 3 or more tiles are side-by-side vertically or horizontally, they will be removed from the grid. The tiles above the removed tiles will take the place of the cleared tiles. Swapping tiles can be done by a single mouse click. It is possible to create combos when many adjacent tiles are removed, especially when the tiles that fall in their place also have the same colors. Generating these kinds of combos gives the player additional points in the level.