emWave PC Coherence Trainer

Quantum Intech, Inc. (Proprietary)

emWave Desktop PC is a health-related program developed by Quantum Intech. It consists of the emWave Desktop Stress Relief System featuring the emWave’s Patented Heart Rhythm Monitor. This program allows users to monitor the stress and anxiety received by the heart. Through the Patented Heart Rhythm Monitor, the program can collect and collate pulse data from two sources—the finger sensor or the ear sensor. This information will then be interpreted by the program and converted into animated graphics which can be readily understood by the users.

The emWave Desktop PC can be used by more than one user, allowing save sessions and user notes. The program also features a Real-Time Heart Rate Variability Monitor. Coherence is the state of health where the body’s nervous, immune, hormonal, and cardiovascular systems are working harmoniously with each other.  The program features the Coherence Level Indicator consisting of a 3-bar pattern graph. The program includes a Coherence Coach complete with four challenge levels which enables users to raise their own baseline coherence levels. Not only that, the program consists of Coherence-building tools, visualizers, and games. All the information regarding heart rhythms, user notes, and user sessions, and other historical data are stored in the program’s data storage area.

emWave Desktop PC  is a software developed first by the founder of the Institute of HeartMath, Doc Childre.