HeartMath LLC (Proprietary)

emWave is the software that accompanies the emWave heart rhythm monitor developed by HeartMath LLC. The program enables users to transform the anxiety they experience into creative energy for a more optimal health level. The program collects the heart rhythm and pulse data from a finger sensor which is a part of the hardware. Aside from the finger sensor, users may also utilize the ear sensor to collect pulse information. The program then enables users to convert this information into a more user friendly heart rhythm information.

emWave is a health program designed to be used not just by one user but even by multiple users. The program enables users to create individual profiles, add notes to each profile, and save the sessions. It also offers an integrated Real Time Heart Rate Variability Monitor and comes with four challenge levels. These challenge levels assist the users to raise their coherence levels. It also offers data storage function to save sessions to. Coherence levels are saved every session. These sessions are available for history review. Aside from the challenge levels, the program comes with Advanced User mode.

emWave is available in two versions. emWave Pro  is the desktop version. emWave2 is the mobile version of the program. Users may synchronize the contents of the mobile version to the desktop version for a more detailed analysis.