eMule LinkCreator 0.7 (Freeware)

eMule LinkCreator is a program used for generating eD2k links in different formats. This program is developed by and was initially released in June 1st, 2004. eD2k links are hyperlinks that denotes computer files connected to eDonkey filesharing P2P network. This link format also allows adding straight to eMule. The links can be used to share with other people and make the network sharing easier and faster. The program is particularly useful for generating links with HTTP sources.

eD2k links mainly consists of filehash. eMule LinkCreator works by calculating the hash and generating a link according to the calculated hash. The generated link can then be used on a website or mail. Anyone running an eD2k client can also use the generated link and it the link to the transfer, which will then search for file copies that matches the hash on the link. The generated links can also indicate the user as the direct source, which means that the client no longer have to spend time to find you as the source. Using eMule Link Creator offers a way for users to add the downloads to eMule and other eD2k clients then spread the file throughout the network to offer a faster download speeds through HTTP servers.

To use eMule LinkCreator, users only have to add the file. LinkCreator will then calculate the hash value for it then automatically generate the link. Users may also choose to remove the HTTP source by using the “Remove” button or the “Clear” button for clearing all the HTTP sources.