eMule 0.50a (Freeware)

eMule is a peer-to-peer program created by Merkur and developed by the eMule-Team. It was initially released in May 13, 2002 as a substitute for eDonkey2000. It is a freeware program governed by the GNU General Public License. The program works similarly to ApexDC++ or StrongDC++. It uses the same protocol as eDonkey2000 allowing users to transfer files and information between users and other eDonkey2000 clients.  

The eMule program uses multiple networks (e.g. Source Exchange, ED2K and Kad) to build one reliable network. It features a Queue and Credit system ensuring users can get the file they want quickly. Its Credit system rewards other users for contributing to the network. This encourages more people to share more data. The eMule application ensures safe and secure downloads. It checks each file while it is being downloaded to prevent viruses. The application also features eMules Intelligent Corruption Control. This helps correct the corrupted parts of a file.

Its Source Management and Auto priorities enable users to being multiple downloads without monitoring them. It also has a Preview function, which can be used for viewing Archives and Videos before the download’s complete. The program also features a webserver and webservices providing quicker online access. Users can also organize the downloaded files by categorizing them. Several search tools are also available such as Kad, Filedonkey, and Jigle.

eMule users can also message other Clients using the messaging and friend system. It works like other IM clients within the eMule interface. You can add friends, chat with them and see their availability status.