Emu48 1.55

Christoph Gie├čelink & Sebastien Carlier (Freeware)

Emu48 is a compact calculator emulating program for various calculator tools, including the HP49G, HP39G, HP38G, HP48GX, and HP40G, among other utilities. It runs on both PC and mobile technology. Its PC version supports all Win32 platforms while its mobile version can function on three major platforms: 5.0 and 6 Professional, Windows Mobile 2003 (SE), and ARM CPU based Pocket PC 2002. The program comes with downloadable loading ROM extensions that are capable of extracting authentic calculator files and emulating all of the retrieved functions in a computer device.

Emu48 enables users to create their own scripts so that they can take full charge on the assigning of functions to the buttons of the virtual calculator based on the keyboard commands. In addition, Emu48 can also run complex translation tasks since it has a Binary Converter tool that transforms ASCII files of System RPL programs for the HP49G and HP48G models into binary codes for faster emulation. Furthermore, data transfer from the program itself to DDE is supported. Through this, the emulator can customize the interface of the exchanged data and apply them into the output calculator program. Finally, the program comes with an uploader/downloader functionality so that users may readily collect HP48 program and image files from the card slot and upload them to the hard drive of the PC.