EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL

EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc. (Shareware)

EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL by EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc. is a database development and administration utility. It is designed to perform highly complex functions and supports the most advanced PostgreSQL features. Some of the top features are fast and accurate database navigation and management, high performance data manipulation tools, reliable security management, advanced database explorer functions, advanced database designer features, and expert level data exportation and importation capabilities.

Some of the database tools included in this utility are Visual Query Builder, Visual Database Designer, as well as a BLOB editor. Visual Database Designer is designed to produce PostgreSQL database quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, Visual Query Builder is meant for the creation of complicated PostgreSQL queries. The BLOB editor is a powerful tool that has numerous applications in administration tasks. EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL offers full support for PostGreSQL versions until 9.3. Support is also provided for collations, extensions, unlogged tables, UTF8 data, and view triggers.

The user interface of EMS SQL Manager for PostgreSQL is a state-of-the-art graphical system that utilizes Wizard technology. Despite its many capabilities the program may be effectively implemented by a new user or anyone with basic computing skills and offers a report construction wizard that it also easy to employ. This state-of-the-art graphical interface facilitates ease of operation of this versatile utility.