EMS SQL Manager 2008 for SQL Server

EMS (Proprietary)

EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server is a server management program developed for SQL servers by EMS. It is part of EMS Database Management Solution. The program features full support for custom server roles, File Tables, column store sequences, databases, and sequences. It also offers rapid database management and navigation functions including database properties management, server properties management, and multiple hosting of database connections. The program also features multiple-user defined tabs, grouping and ungrouping functions for registered databases, and database project support.

EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server offers SQL server objects management. Users may create schemas, tables, and databases. The program also allows users to manage tables and other database objects including indices, triggers, fields, foreign keys, and checks. Users may also manage the procedures and views of the database.  It offers management function for user defined items including synonyms, sequences, aggregates, assemblies, and DDL triggers. Users can likewise manage full-text catalogs, asymmetric and symmetric keys, certificates, and indices. Users may also manage schedules, jobs, endpoints, credentials, proxies, and linked servers, among others.

EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server also offers advanced data manipulation tools including table and card viewers, query support, advanced printing system, BLOB editor and viewer, as well as tools for data summarizing, grouping, filtering, and fast searching. The program also comes with security management tools including a login manager.