Empire: Total War

The Creative Assembly Ltd (Proprietary)

Empire: Total War is a real-time tactics/turn-based strategy video game first released in 2009 in North America. It is the fifth entry in the Total War game series. In this game, the player chooses a faction and leads that faction to world domination through espionage, military forces, economics and diplomacy. The game is set between 1700 and early 19th century with 11 playable factions.

The game features three main game modes – Campaign, Warfare and Multiplayer mode.

• Campaign mode – This is the turn-based aspect of the game, in which the player chooses from the 11 factions and forges a global empire. As a turn-based game, the campaign mode enables players to move navies and armies all over the globe and conduct espionage, trade, internal politics and diplomacy. These tasks enable the player to run the nation to its ultimate goal.
• Warfare mode – The warfare mode features the real-time strategy aspect of the game. This mode enables the player to take full control over the course of the battles.
• Multiplayer mode – the multiplayer aspect of the game has two forms wherein players can battle against each other in real time by either (1) recreating historical battles or (2) building the armies’ compositions on their own. This installment also features a campaign multiplayer mode.

Aside from the turn-based campaign mode, Empire: Total Wars also features a story-based campaign mode called Road to Independence. In this mode, players guide the British forces in colonizing the United States. The storyline is depicted in three linear-structured chapters.