Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest

Mad Doc Software (Proprietary)

Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest is an RTS (real-time strategy) video game. It was first released in 2002 in North America. The game is an expansion to the Empire Earth game and provides several additions to Empire Earth. This includes new civilizations, new units, new hero units and civilization powers.

Art of Conquest’s gameplay is similar to Empire Earth with added changes. The game added variable difficult to some of the scenarios. It also features single-player and multiplayer modes. These modes have the same form. The multiplayer mode can be played online via the Internet or LAN. Players can play to up to seven players. The multiplayer mode also features several exploits that can provide players with unfair advantage.

This expansion also offers the new Space Age that enables establishing of spaceships and spaceports on certain maps. The new Space Age also replaced the citizens with robots in Nano age. The civilizations have their own power (Civ Power), which are available on certain epochs only. These Civ Power provides a civilization with a special power.

Art of Conquest also provides three additional campaigns including Ancient Rome, 24th Century Mars and World War II. The Ancient Rome campaign covers the story of Julius Caesar and Gaius Marius. The 24th Century Mars campaign features the colonization of Mars in an Asian nation while the World War II campaign is about the Pacific Ocean warfare.