Empire Earth

Stainless Steel Studios (Shareware)

Empire Earth or EE is a real-time strategy game first released in 2001. The game is the first title in the Empire Earth series of video games. The game takes place in during the prehistoric age up to the nano age and tackles different events in history. Players must control citizens, build units, and collect resources in order to conquer other civilizations. There are 14 epochs in the game. Epochs are the different ages that the player goes through. Some of these are Stone Age, Middle Ages, World War I, World War II, and Atomic Modern Age.

Empire Earth offers five different campaigns:
• Learning Campaign – This campaign teaches players how to play the game.
• Greek Campaign – This campaign centers on Ancient Greece. It tackles different events in history, such as the Trojan War, Peloponnesian War, and the rise of Alexander the Great.
• English Campaign – This campaign has eight different scenarios that focus on the division between France and England.
• German Campaign – The German campaign focuses on the events during World War I and World War II
• Russian Campaign – In the Russian campaign, players reconstruct the Russian Federation

The game has 21 civilizations. In some scenarios, civilizations are preset, but players can also create their own civilization from the main menu or the map editor.