Empire Earth III

Mad Doc Software (Proprietary)

Empire Earth III is a historical real-time strategy video game developed by Mad Doc Software. In this game, players build empires based on actual historical civilizations. There are five ‘epochs’ in the games. These epochs are a period of the earth’s history based on human advancement – Ancient, Medieval, Colonial, Modern, and Future. The player can start from the Ancient era to the Future. The three factions in the game are Middle Eastern, Western, and Far Eastern. These factions also have subfactions that are based on different countries. Each of the factions has its own technology different from other factions. Each faction also utilizes its own kind of gameplay. A new feature of the game is the presence of nuclear weapons.

Empire Earth III has a Freeform Global Gameplay where players can battle online to conquer the world. Players can take on missions while expanding their territory. These territories, when conquered, generate income that the player can spend on various things. Among them are technological upgrades and army formation. There are 60 maps for skirmishes, which are based on actual locations. Players can conquer other factions and use their foes to guarding new areas or join their own army. Most of the extensive details from the previous games have been simplified. Among these are the scaled-down “Diplomatic Missions” and “Citizen Manager”. The amount of resources that the player can collect has no limit.