Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy

Mad Dec Software (Proprietary)

Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy or AoS is an expansion pack for the 2005 real time strategy game entitled Empire Earth II. The expansion pack was released a year after the base game. The expansion pack features new additions to the game. This includes three new campaigns (Maasai, Russian, and Egyptian).

• Maasai Campaign – This futuristic game campaign takes place from the year 2037 to 2039. Africa is the main focus of this campaign. Players must help in liberating the different Kenyan tribes.
• Russian Campaign – This campaign takes place during the Napoleonic Wars in 1805 to 1813. In this campaign, the player must focus on gathering resources in order to overcome the French army who is under the control of Napoleon.
• Egyptian Campaign – The Egyptian Campaign is set in 2183 BC to 2152 BC. In the Egyptian Campaign, the player is given several small missions to fulfill and one final mission to defeat the main enemy of Egypt.

Aside from these three campaigns, the expansion pack also has new regions namely Russia and France, and new African civilizations which are Zulu and Maasai. The Art of Supremacy also gives players the choice to have native tribes in the game. The native tribe is a neutral group that the user can ally with or fight. The player also has the choice to leave the tribal group alone.