Empire Earth II

Mad Doc Software (Proprietary)

Empire Earth II is a video game developed by Mad Doc Software and was released in April 2005. This video game is the direct sequel of the 2001 video game, Empire Earth. Empire Earth II features a real-time strategy type of gameplay where players take control of units and structures in a given territory in a map. In this game genre, players are provided with basic units that are capable of building structures, and gathering resources for the base. Empire Earth II focuses on three main activities: economic, such as farming, hunting, gathering, mining, manufacturing, and trading, Imperial activites such as conquering territory and establishing alliances, and Military activities that include building up combat and defense units, destroying enemy units, and researching war technology. Empire Earth II introduces fourteen different civilizations from different continents around the globe. Several of these include Greek, Roman, Mayan, British, Egyptian, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Another game aspect is the Epoch upgrade system. Players start from an early time in history where they possess limited units and technology and research their way to a more advanced epoch. Players may advance to the next epoch by completing the research requirements and gathering enough tech points from monasteries and universities. Empire Earth II features epochs from actual historical eras such as the stone age, iron age, middle ages, and renaissance, imperial age, industrial age, modern age, digital age, and the futuristic synthetic age. Advancing to another epoch unlocks more powerful units and special units.

Empire Earth II features game elements and user interface similar to other real-time strategy games. Units and buildings can be controlled using the mouse by point and click and drag actions, as well as keyboard hotkeys. These controls allow players to maneuver military units, and execute automatic routine actions such as patrolling an area. Empire Earth II has a single player campaign, multiplayer games that can be played online or via LAN, and single player custom game. The game’s campaign mode includes a tutorial to the game’s basic actions and controls. Players would get to play the Korean war against the Hand Dynasty of China, the German campaign which features the story of the Teutonic Knights and the resulting Prussian Confederation, and the American Campaigns set in the Spanish-American War, World War I & World War II, the Cold War, and a fictional coup set in the future.