Emoticon Maker 1.0

Sherv.NET (Freeware)

Emoticon Maker is an application used for creating emoticons from scratch. Creating new emoticons can be done in just a few steps. Even beginners will be able to use the program. Existing photos can images can also be turned into an emoticon. Upon opening an image, users can select the area to be turned into an emoticon. The output file can be used as an emoticon on different applications, such as instant messenger programs like Windows Live Messenger and MSN.

The Emoticon Maker program has a small and simple user interface. Users can choose two types of emoticons to make – an animated emoticon or a static emoticon. There are no other configurations. To import a photo or image to the program, users can click on the “Open” button and choose an image from the hard drive. The image will open on the main window a grid will appear so users can select the portion of the picture to crop and use as the emoticon. There is also a “Rotate Left” and “Rotate Right” button at the bottom of the screen. Other information, such as the filename, image size, and selection size are displayed on the bottom part of the window.