Emma and the Inventor

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Emma and the Inventor is an adventure and hidden object game developed by the company, Tricky Software. The plot of the game follows the exploits of a young lady named Emma, who leaves her home in New York City to visit her grandfather in the rural suburbs. When she arrives at his home, she discovers that one of her grandfather’s experiments has encountered an accident, which caused him to be transported into a different dimension. This experiment involves the construction of a time machine-like contraption, which blew up into numerous pieces and was responsible for Grandpa Jenkins relegation. It is Emma’s duty to come to her grandfather’s rescue and in order to do this, she must look around his home and collect clues about his machine invention.

The user interface has a steampunk feel with its cogs and gears that actually turn and move. Hidden objects sparkle occasionally when they are not found right away. The player must find all the items in the inventory within a given time limit, as well as solve puzzles using specific found objects. Scenes are connected by doors and gates, so the player must unlock each one in order to move on to the next room. Some of the objects in the inventory are related to the story, while some are random – but the player must find them anyway.